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The 2023 Marketing Department Work Conference of Jiangsu San Fang Sheng was successfully concluded!
The 2023 Marketing Department Work Conference of Jiangsu San Fang Sheng was successfully concluded! 查看详情
From January 5th to 7th, 2023, the company held a working meeting of the sales department on the third floor of the office.     The meeting was presided over by Yang Xiaohui, the general manager of the company. He summarized the sales and operation of the head office in 2022, and highly praised the company's sales department for creating gratifying performance in the extraordinary year of 2022. Combined with the actual situation to analyze the problems and challenges faced by sales, arrange the market distribution and task goals for 2023, and call on the staff of the sales department to dare to fight hard, to be the vanguard, to strengthen confidence, and to achieve greater success!    Afterwards, the heads of each market passionately stated:    Gu Min, Marketing Director of Jiangsu: "Work hard and exceed the target in 2023."    Southwest Marketing Director Zhao Wanjing: "A firm goal and full of confidence"    Jiangxi Marketing Director Wu Junyong: "In a word, work hard"    Anhui Marketing Director Li Jianjian: "The results of 2023 will be decided"    Shandong Marketing Director Liu Maomao: "Sales must be confident and not afraid of difficulties"    Zhao Song, Anhui Market Sales Manager: "Learn the experience of others and use it for yourself"    Shanghai Marketing Director Zhu Xueqing: "Use the company's excellent platform to give full play to personal advantages"    Zhai Jungong, Marketing Director of Henan: "I believe that 2023 will be a very good year. Come on everyone"    Zhejiang Marketing Director Liu Zhanfeng: "In 2023, we will continue to be down-to-earth and create greater glories"    Manager Wang of the Foreign Trade Department: "Continue to build up the company's products' market share in foreign countries, so that more Sanfangsheng products can serve more countries"    Manager Lu of the Ministry of Foreign Trade: "With the help of national policies in 2023, I will be more confident in foreign trade work"    Manager Zhang of the Ministry of Foreign Trade: "In 2023, we will continue to learn through struggle, strive to make breakthroughs, and resolutely complete tasks"!
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